Whistler, Faith in the Morning (Wiiija): The more I listen to them, the more convinced I am that Whistler are making a concerted subversive statement. On their second album of neo-folk niceness, the London trio are all seaside strolls, afternoons in living rooms, and breezy summer eves curled up with a good book. Whistler manage to sound entirely "nice" without making it a twee gimmick. Velocity Girl once made the proclamation that they couldn't stop smiling; conversely, Whistler singer Kerry Shaw uses her sweet, polite, bright voice to deliver the most sour-mouthed words. Which brings thoughts back to subversion. With angry, confrontational music having been made comic fodder by the big-pants-clad nu-metal automatons, what could be more confronting, in the contemporary climate, than carefully thought, softly played, utterly ornate and entirely wet English folkie pop? — Anthony Carew

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