Nicole Willis, Soul Makeover (Sähkö): Going heavy on the eyeliner, Nicole Willis hooks up with her husband, Finnish funk/jazz space-cowboy Jimi Tenor, and his favorite remix-hand, syncopated-house producer Maurice Fulton. This ménage à trois delivers an album of chilled, breezy, occasionally uneasy re-styled soul for Tenor's first record label Sähkö, the haven of abstract electronics run by Pan sonic's Mika Vainio. The album comes from way out in left field at the super-slick electro cut-ups of the likes of Aaliyah and Destiny's Child, while still working as a straight-up soul record. For a soul "makeover" it has an authentically old sound, with warm electrics, compressed tape loops and sweeping strings dancing over the beats, even as it stylistically flits through mixes of acid, down-tempo house, '70s fusion, Philly soul, girl-group grooves, Sähkö-styled minimalism, and even echoes of Finnish avant-jazz. — Anthony Carew

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