General Magic, Rechenkönig (Mego): Glitch assimilation continues, with cats like Vladislav Delay sculpting digital defects into recognizable dance-forms (i.e. glitch-house), but General Magic continue to be nothing short of arrhythmic assholes. While peers like Fennesz and Farmer's Manual have, at times, strayed into whole records filled with "tunes," and others embrace the repetition of drones, General Magic have never fallen prey to such easy listening. Since cutting up recordings of a fridge on Mego's seminal Fridge Tracks, Ramon Bauer and Andreas Pieper have shattered the patchwork of everyday sound into non-sequential fragments, taking their treated tones into new realms of disheartening abstraction. On Rechenkönig they continue to be frustrating and funny at once, provocatively empowered by their lack of rhythm. And, as is the way with guilty feet, don't try to dance to it. — Anthony Carew

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