Orgy, Vapor Transmission (Reprise / Elementree): One of the problems with rock music today isn't so much a lack of quality as the overall glut of available material, so that not even the most dedicated rock critic, let alone casual fan, has a hope of sorting through it. Yours truly, for instance, didn't pick up on this release from late 2000 until 2001; if I had, it might have made my "best-of" list. Orgy's second album has drawn comparisons to Marilyn Manson in his Mechanical Animals period. While no bad thing in itself (that would be Holy Wood), this is not a totally accurate representation, either. This is gloriously trashy glam-rock with an updated cybernetic edge. It certainly evokes Bowie's Spiders From Mars, but even more strongly resembles Bowie's late-1970s mutant electronic offspring — e.g. Gary Numan (everybody's fave cult hero these days) and even John Foxx-era Ultravox, with a touch of decidedly non-electronican New York Dolls swagger and sass thrown in for good measure. Cool song titles like "Suckerface" and "Opticon" tell you what kind of decadent fun you're in for here; the band also proves capable of writing strong hooks that really sink in on repeated listenings — just try to get the chorus of "Fiction (Dreams In Digital)" out of your head! While I'm no great fan of Korn, for whose boutique label Elementree the Orgy boys labor, I must at least send them kudos for signing this talented bunch. — Johnny Walker (Black)

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