Electric Frankenstein, Annie's Grave (Victory Records): Some proclaim "rock is dead." Others counter that the rock, especially of the hard kind, is smoldering underground, where it's under constant reinvention — you just gotta know where to dig. My suggestion? Exhume Annie's Grave, 'cause it's a keeper. Preserving hard rock's pledge to everything "evil," the NY/NJ five-piece shout about drugs, hate and death with punk's energy and metal's malice. Jaded guitar solos scream alongside snarling vocals throughout, while powerful hooks and catchy-yet-gritty melodies take you back to live shows so compelling they make "I'm so into this" head-banging inevitable. And with their homage to early punk — a version of the Dead Boys' "Third Generation Nation" — Electric Frankenstein prove that not only is great rock not forgotten, it's also not dead. — Jenny Tatone

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