The New Year, Newness Ends (Touch & Go): Over the lifespan of three longplayers, Bedhead's Kadane brothers rang their guitars-that-chime-like-bells to wholly holy effect. The combo's demise led the brethren to Boston, where they're joined in their new band, the New Year, by Come's Chris Brokaw and Saturnine's Mike Donofrio, stirring up a more pleasant palette of country colors. That said, the Kadanes' style still befits a couple of cats who called their first band Bedhead: hedging in cautious steps, smiling with weary-eyed glee and ringing their pillowy guitars out long into the night. For whatever reason, perhaps that favorite rock-journalistic conceit "artistic maturation," Matt Kadane is now comfortable with having his vocals mixed at an audible level; understanding the words lets the New Year's soft moods define themselves as "songs," in the most sing-along-in-your-car sense. — Anthony Carew

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