Mark Kozelek, What's Next to the Moon (Badman): The premise that AC/DC wrote folk songs is admittedly farfetched, only it works! Stripped of the hard-rock arrangements and unintelligible vocal delivery that marked AC/DC's original recordings of this material, the songs are transformed into melancholy ballads. Accompanied only by his own acoustic guitar playing — sometimes multiple-tracked — Kozelek has delivered a wondrous collection. Singing AC/DC's words (different versions of three of these appeared on his 2000 E.P. Rock 'N' Roll Singer), he is an outlaw troubadour: "On the day I was born the rain came down/ And there was trouble brewing in my home town," goes the lyric to "Bad Boy Boogie." First John Denver (Kozelek masterminded Take Me Home: A Tribute To John Denver), then AC/DC. Whose songs will be next? — Michael Goldberg

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