Loleatta Holloway, Queen of the Night (The Right Stuff):You don't turn to an "Ultimate Club Collection" for fidelity to history, but to revel in its in dissection, resurrection, reconstruction and restyling of it, as Michael Paoletta's liner notes suggest. In the end, this isn't about Loleatta Holloway the artist, much less the actual person, but rather about the premier disco diva's disembodied voice and, for the most part, one song — her 1980 "Love Sensation," shards of which have shown up in Marky Mark's "Good Vibrations," Black Box's "Ride on Time" and Cevin Fisher's "(You Got Me) Burnin' Up." The latter two appear here, as do two remixes of the original, which by the end of the disc has undergone so many permutations it becomes a magic incantation. Intensifying the alchemy are an arsenal of DJ tricks, particularly the feverishly repeated guitar figures that close off the disc in Hatiras' well-named Liquid Adrenaline Mix of "Dreamin'." Ugly, messy, disturbing, this is dance music's gift to history. And if you just unclench your body, take a deep breath and give yourself up to the invasion, it'll sting ya so good. — Kevin John

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