Pan sonic, Aaltopiiri (Blast First): Ilpo Vaisanen claims he can hardly listen to Pan sonic's music; the sounds he and Mika Vainio make are so filled with emotion, he says, it's like going through a wringer. In an experimental-electro climate in which many (Markus Popp, Toshimaru Nakamura, Farmer's Manual) claim to make music devoid of any emotion, the spiritual side of Pan sonic's provocative craft doesn't go unnoticed. The duo's outings of eerie ambience, rhythmic click patterns and pummeling, dehumanized beats elicit emotional reactions, too — when the listener is foolish enough to invest quality time in their meticulous, feckless, ruthless soulful clout music. Spending much of its time suspended in hollowed-out tones smudged only by desolate beats, Aaltopiiri is probably Pan sonic's most intense listening experience. Far from being thrust into the role of ecstatic victim, as was the case with such musical broadsides as Osasto, here the listener is lured by the spacious sound into its constructed environs, which is a pretty unsettling place to be. — Anthony Carew

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