Ladyvipb, Stories of A Broken Heart and Recovering (Nuphonic): While the post-breakup record is a common outing for singer/songwriters, it's much more rare in club-land. Under the influence of "my ex-girlfriend saying she didn't want me anymore," Maurice Fulton sows the seeds for a movement of emotional catharsis through syncopated jazz breaks, washing upbeat beats under waves of melancholy. While the rhythms change, Fulton's heart keeps to a sad beat, its woe a thematic constant. The snow-crusher Funkstörung cut-ups of "Nartia" bust breaks underneath "crying" keyboard drones; the heavily distorted beats of "I Why the Pain" crunch in call-and-response measures with treated string pieces; and the Brazilified breakbeats of wrenching closer "Life With Denise" are softened by rich piano chords that look winsomely out a misty window, pulling the frenetic tribal rhythms down to a particularly sad place. — Anthony Carew

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