Geology, A Subjective Study of Planet E: Volume Two (Planet E): This CD is a sort of companion volume to Planet E founder Carl Craig's Designer Music collection from last year. Where the latter surveyed his remix career, Geology serves as a label sampler, with a predictable loss in consistency. Too many tracks, like the Future/Past Mix of Common Factor's "Get Down," were sent out of the kitchen before they were done cooking. But the best stuff here straddles the line between headphone house and boogie-oogie-oogie. "Steam" by Paperclip People (a Craig pseudonym) never loses its funky footing, despite the kaleidoscope of touchy-feely percussive sound effects. And I love the way Mike Clark turns the memory of a Chaka Khan song into one of those effects on "In the Morning." Remarkably slight, but just the kind of sonics to prove revelatory with some chemical enhancement (cf. dub). — Kevin John

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