Craig David, Born to Do It (Atlantic): Born to Do It doesn't mean born to do the dishes. Hell, it doesn't even mean born to make music. Yes, ladies, Craig David — the handsome 19-year-old English boy who spends up to two hours a day grooming his immaculate facial hair — is on the make, R&B British-style: with garage and two-step as musical influences, no delusions of artistic grandeur and no shout-outs to God. Despite his lyrical tales of pick-ups (phone-number-exchanges, approaches-in-clubs, kissing-on-couches), David and producer Mark Hill work mostly in balladic territory, with slick pizzicato strings and plenty of acoustic guitars cast amongst the soft-beat cut-ups and auto-tuned vocal weaves synonymous with the genre. David is already a superstar in the UK and Australia, and it would take a fairly determined American public to deny the delights of singles "Fill Me In," "7 Days" and "Time to Party," let alone the gorgeous "Booty Man," a self-promotional jingle that gives a sly wink to the spirit of Sammy Davis Jr. — Anthony Carew

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