Mother Superior, Mother Superior (Triple X Records): So your dad was a diehard Lynyrd Skynyrd fan. Your mom, she worshiped the priest (Judas Priest, that is — hey, it could happen). And your long-haired uncle used to blare Motörhead while impressing you with his air-guitar skills. So what kind of band did you get together when you grew up? Perhaps something that sounds like Mother Superior. Is this post-metalesque dirty-butt rock? Maybe. An album full of skillfully written but unoriginal songs? Definitely. Produced by Henry Rollins, this mostly fast-paced, hard-rocking self-titled album takes a left turn into slowed-down Skynyrd territory with "Follow Me Home," which sounds way too much like "Tuesday's Gone" (complete with piano). And there's nothing mysterious about the inspiration for "Such A Worthless Thing." (They even lay their cards on the table, as it were: "Feelin' like a million bucks / [Thin] Lizzy's on the jukebox.") Still, it's hard not to like songs such as "Radio Sucks" and "Cool Cool Breeze," with their high-volume go-go-go energy, arena-ready riffs, crusading drums and sneering, GNR-tinged vocals. True, this album may be nothing more than an imitation of those head-banging, muscle-car-driving rockers from days past — but it's a damn fine one. And, hey, it ain't easy handling the aftermath of childhood. — Jenny Tatone

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