Jan Jelinek, Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (~scape): Here, German boffin Jan (Gramm/Farben) Jelinek steps out most disarmingly under his own name, presenting a collection of beautifully downbeat, evocatively realized, somewhat sexy takes on the glitch; each hissy, spitty, crackling crackle-and-pop popsong is a demure dance through intricate, rhythmic, strangely groovy terrain. Whereas numerous Jelinek contemporaries (Pole, Delay, Claytons, etc.) use the dub framework to give their microtonal ambient moods a structural backbone, the smartass title of Jelinek's longplayer hints that Jan's been boning up on the form and structure of more structured jazz sounds. Which could go a ways to explaining why his ghostly, ghosted, thick-'n'-misty dissented-and-distant computronic evocation of ambient German techno-minimalism is almost, uh, funky. — Anthony Carew

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