Tim Easton, The Truth About Us (New West): It makes sense that current and former members of Wilco (along with former American Music Club pedal-steel man Bruce Kaphane and Tom Waits/P.J. Harvey sideman Joe Gore) are backing Tim Easton on this exquisite country-folk-rocky album. They understand the musical terrain Easton works in, and give him just the right support. Easton, who has the slightly gruff, yet gentle, voice of an old-school troubadour (think Dylan or early Springsteen), mostly tackles the dark side of love. "Out of Your Life" is about a relationship that should be over, but isn't. In "Half A Day" the singer just can't connect with the girl he loves. And "I Would Have Married You," about a romance that failed, it seems, because neither of the lovers could commit, is just plain sad. — Michael Goldberg

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