Various, Naked in the Afternoon: A Tribute to Jandek (Summersteps): Jandek being a strange figure to induct into the hallowed hall of, uh, tribute-record-worthy status, here a collection of dreamers, travelers and theorists offer 21 takes on what makes the man the man. Opinions on the subject are as wildly varied as the reactional spectrum offered up by Jandek's bizarred-blues outsider-art outings. Here, some see him as an angelic light (the impeccably-piped Danubian frontwoman Amy Denio, whose ghostly-voice/noise/organ/location-sound take on "Your Condition" is the pick of the compilation). Others prefer the harrowingly tormented figure (Low, on "Carnival Queen"), incurably romantic, creepy sexual asshole (Olivia Tremor Control offshoot Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't on "Jessica"), old-style folkie truth-teller (the Couple Scene, on "Babe I Love You"), or performance-art comedy figure (Bright Eyes, who get field-recordingly conceptual by vox-popping the question "Have You Ever Heard of Jandek?"). — Anthony Carew

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