Art of Fighting, Wires (Trifekta): I was talking with an American rocker, herself in a band with her famous husband. She could barely believe me when I explained Art of Fighting's lineup: songwriter Ollie Browne seemingly embraces claustrophobia by surrounding himself with brother Miles and partner Peggy Frew. From such familiarity surely must come contempt. But it's also fertile territory for dangerous levels of openness and honesty, and, musically, Art of Fighting draw openly and honestly from this emotional well. After spending their early days toying with brazen Codeine-styled quiet/loud dynamics, on their debut longplayer Art of Fighting have found territories reminiscent of Red House Painters' Down Colourful Hill. Sprawling mid-paced ballads keep keeping along at a sombre pace, escalating tension until the eventual release at the song's conclusion. — Anthony Carew

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