Stephen Malkmus, Stephen Malkmus (Matador): Former frontman of perennial pin-ups Pavement, Mr. Malkmus fronts his solo vehicle handsomely, staring at the sun in true calendar-beau mode. He's spent most of the pre-pub time of his debut longplayer talking up the boogie-rock goodness of Lobby Loyde and Thin Lizzy, but guess what — the sounds within are (wait for the shock!) rather like Pavement, with a little more levity in the proceedings and a few more moments of musical mischief and laid-bare beauty. Throughout, there's little doubting Malkmus's charisma as a performer — even on compact disc, his vocal stylings and laissez-faire air on songs like, say, Church on White, turn the almost mundane into the almost magical. — Anthony Carew

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