Cursive, Cursive's Domestica (Saddle Creek): Just what your teen-pop-addled ears have been craving — an indie-rock soap opera. Tim Kasher married too goddamn early, and the subsequent break-up provides the narrative backdrop to titles like "The Martyr," "The Game of Who Needs Who the Most" and the tune-in-next-week "The Night I Lost the Will to Fight." Insensitive clod that I am, I'm inclined to ridicule such self-absorbed emo-tion. But everything is so winningly legible, right down to the Sebadoh Fans in Love cover art, that it actually has more outreach (and less passive-aggression) than most sensitive-boy records of late. What helps is the sensual weave of guitars that introduces each cut with a primitive, childlike charm — not exactly Sleater-Kinney territory, but enough to wash the corn down. Next step: releasing the gal's side of the story, and then bringing the two together on Broadway (or Omaha's equivalent thereof). — Kevin John

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