Manitoba, Start Breaking My Heart (Leaf): It's such a sign o' the times when a record as utterly glorious as this — the kind of record that turns you into a carnival barker of gooey praise — is the product of a 22-year-old Canadian mathematician. That said, the organicky, downbeat, polyrhythmic saunters of the delightfully dubbed Start Breaking My Heart have much more in common with the post-rock disco dalliances of the Fridge/Four Tet family than they do with the icy, humorless precision of ye olde laptop lords. Mr. Manitoba, Dan Snaith, allays his tonal emotions through established idioms of the warm-'n'-friendly un-electro set, weaving guitars, hand percussion, human-beatboxing and sampled children in a set that moves amiably through rhythm-and-counter-rhythm rundowns of almost "rock"-like dynamics. — Anthony Carew

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