Dakota Oak, Am Deister (Twisted Nerve): Am Deister, a one-man-in-his-bedroom outing by Dave Tyack under the name Dakota Oak, spends an hour of transient instrumentalism recalling his growing-up-on-the-edges-of-a-German-forest childhood. Over 26 fairly coy pieces on his debut longplayer, released on the Badly-Drawn-Boy/Votel-helmed Twisted Nerve records, Tyack plays a slew of "organic" instruments, including plenty of tuned percussion instruments and plenty of detuned guitars. The set finds him sashaying between gentle acoustic-guitar ruminations, bizarre clattering interludes, gay invocations of a summery backing-Astrud-Gilberto sort of sound, woven guitar/bass/kit/keys pieces with an almost post-rock air, and sombre piano-born moments that suggest Tyack's hazy recollection of hours spent practicing piano in his childhood. It's softly sweet, subtly stirring stuff. — Anthony Carew

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