Appendix Out, The Night Is Advancing (Drag City): This third longplaying turn from Appendix Out, the straggling folkies hailing from somewhere in the misty Scottish hinterlands (like, Glasgow or something), has two pretty obvious influences, one being Ali Roberts' recent dalliances with passed-down folksongs, the other Tom Crossley's experimentations with his wonky-pop collective International Airport (featuring Roberts). The first comes across largely in the lyrics (e.g. the galling "your hair is like a royal tapestry," on "The Groves of Lebanon"); the second appears only subtly, audible in slight shifts in tone, arrangement, and production (the latter by Rian Murphy and Sean O'Hagan). Despite some awkward moments — like when the band tries to "go Movietone," and fails badly, on "Fortified Jackdaw Grove" — the set works well for the most part, redolent rhythms stirred gently by Roberts' heart-achey vocals. — Anthony Carew

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