Various, Greatest Spits! (Mr.Lady): Going under the very full title Sister Spit's Ramblin' Road Show Presents: Greatest Spits! A Spoken Word Compilation, this collection of live-recorded outings and sly on-the-phone interludes from a collective of spoken-word sisters spends much of its time with particular familiarity, from smart-ass (Michelle Tea on "The Beautiful"), to funny (Beth Lisick on "Credit Card Test"), to angry (Sara Seinberg on "Fuck You I'm Wonderwoman"). Then, in what was no doubt sequenced to be the "emotional" climax, the comp takes a turn — down a few notches — for a stirring, stirry, heart-breaking finale: the can of worms opened up by Cooper Lee Bombardir's gutted, guttural, dynamic, demanding eulogy "Exhume," followed by a gorgeously low-key marriage of clipped verse and gentle banjo playing by Miranda Mellis and Alicia McCarthy, who spin yarns of down-the-years yearning, thick with glistening imagery and heavy with childhood nostalgia. — Anthony Carew

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