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  June 2001

London Suede Sessions:: 1st June, 2001

May 2001

New Freestylers' Album:: 31st May, 2001

Neu! Albums Re-Released:: 31st May, 2001

Bardo Pond's Dilate:: 31st May, 2001

New 12-Inch Singles From Beatless, Interfearance, Kirk Degiorgio:: 30th May, 2001

Prince Offers New And Rare Tracks Via Online Club:: 29th May, 2001

T-Model Ford, CeDell Davis, Paul Jones Juke Joint Tour:: 23rd May, 2001

Free Sigur Rós Download Plus Kammerflimmer Kollektief:: 22nd May, 2001

Plaid's Double Figure For Summer Plus Squarepusher:: 18th May, 2001

Quango Compilation To Include 'West London' Tracks:: 17th May, 2001

unwound's West Coast Tour:: 16th May, 2001

Sigur Rós Album Out In U. S.:: 15th May, 2001

New Belle And Sebastian Single, Soundtrack:: 15th May, 2001

Prof. Felten To Talk About RIAA Threat:: 15th May, 2001

Mark Eitzel Returns With The Invisible Man:: 14th May, 2001

Air's Downbeat 10,000 Hz Legends:: 11th May, 2001

Epitaph's Gurewitz Rejoins Bad Religion:: 11th May, 2001

Wellwater Conspiracy's The Scroll and Its Combinations Plus R.E.M., Nebula:: 4th May, 2001

Quasi Album Wrapped Plus Mekons, "Shake, Rattle & Roll," Pennywise:: 2nd May, 2001

Iggy Pop Returns With Beat 'Em Up:: 1st May, 2001

Social Distortion Album Pushed Back:: 1st May, 2001

April 2001

Jane's Addiction Guitarist Dave Navarro's Trust No One:: 25th April, 2001

Autechre Fans Targeted By Napster Hoax:: 24th April, 2001

Matmos To Play MUTEK 2001:: 23rd April, 2001

Social Distortion Prepare To Record:: 20th April, 2001

69Plunderphonics96 Heisted By Negativland:: 18th April, 2001

Sonic Youth, Sigur Ros, Terry Riley Set For Sonar 2001 Plus Shea Seger, Michael Chabon:: 17th April, 2001

Low & Dirty Three Collaboration Plus Colexico, Spoon:: 16th April, 2001

Joey Ramone Dead At 49:: 15th April, 2001

Sleater-Kinney To Open For Patti Smith Plus Lucinda Williams, The Wire:: 12th April, 2001

The Mary Janes' Flame Plus Joe Henry:: 10th April, 2001

Murder City Devils For Halloween Plus Pennywise:: 9th April, 2001

U.S. Tour For Chicks On Speed:: 6th April, 2001

Ladyfest Midwest To Include Le Tigre, The Need:: 5th April, 2001

Ex-Black Flag Drummer Producing Zeke:: 5th April, 2001

U.S. Release For Sigur Rós' Agaetis Byrjun:: 4th April, 2001

Free The West Memphis Three, Part Two:: 3rd April, 2001

New Music From Pigeonhed Plus Heather Duby:: 2nd April, 2001

March 2001

Make Up's Svenonius Is David Candy Plus Punk Planet:: 29th Mar., 2001

Reunited Television To Play Noise Pop Chicago:: 27th Mar., 2001

New Ladybug Transistor Album Plus Sean Croghan:: 27th Mar., 2001

Lost Modest Mouse Album:: 23rd Mar., 2001

Arap Strap's U.S. Tour:: 22nd Mar., 2001

Mark Lanegan's 'Field Songs' On The Way:: 19th Mar., 2001

New Music From David Byrne:: 16th Mar., 2001

Wilco For Summer Plus Henry Rollins:: 14th Mar., 2001

C Average, Sarah Dougher Go Yo Yo A Go Go Plus Black Box Recorder, B.R.M.C., Louis Faurer:: 13th Mar., 2001

Tom Verlaine, John Doe Do Kristofferson:: 12th Mar., 2001

R.E.M. MP3 Preview: 'Imitation Of Life':: 9th Mar., 2001

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Debut Due Plus Plunderphonics:: 7th Mar., 2001

Napster Feels The Pain:: 6th Mar., 2001

R.E.M. Shoot Video:: 2nd Mar., 2001

Jane's Addiction Reform (Again):: 1st Mar., 2001

February 2001

Pernice Bros. Album Has A Title:: 28th Feb., 2001

'Concept Album' Features GBV, Malkmus, Grandaddy :: 27th Feb., 2001

Nick Cave Album, Tour Plus The Wire:: 26th Feb., 2001

Early Spoon Album Release:: 23rd Feb., 2001

No Surprises At The Grammys:: 22nd Feb., 2001

Online Music From The Apples In Stereo Plus Björk, Acetone:: 20th Feb., 2001

Tram Cover Buckley Plus SonicNet, Mount Florida :: 19th Feb., 2001

Black Box Recorder Album To Get U. S. Release Plus Ladytron, Sigur Ros:: 16th Feb., 2001

Gnutella: Bad News For The Music Biz:: 15th Feb., 2001

Spoon Road Trip:: 14th Feb., 2001

Trippin' To The Acetone Sound:: 13th Feb., 2001

Bad News For Napster:: 12th Feb., 2001

Re-formed Soft Boys Tour, Album Plus Jurassic 5:: 12th Feb., 2001

Bright Eyes On Tour Plus IUMA, Napster:: 9th Feb., 2001

Blonde Redhead, Aislers Set Join Noise Pop Lineup:: 7th Feb., 2001

The End Of The Afghan Whigs :: 7th Feb., 2001

J. J. Cale Live Album Plus Red House Painters:: 6th Feb., 2001

Amy Ray's Punk Side Plus Björk:: 5th Feb., 2001

'Guitarry' Sound For New Order Plus Sparklehorse:: 2nd Feb., 2001

More AC/DC Covers From Mark Kozelek Plus Yo Yo A Go Go:: 1st Feb., 2001

January 2001

Fourth Yo Yo A Go Go Fest A Go Plus Arab Strap:: 31st Jan., 2001

Pernice Brothers Complete Album Plus Action Slacks:: 30st Jan., 2001

Kristin Hersh Solo Album On The Way:: 29th Jan., 2001

Blake Babies Reunion Album!:: 26th Jan., 2001

The Gossip To Tour:: 26th Jan., 2001

Earliest Modest Mouse Album To Surface Plus Beat Happening:: 25th Jan., 2001

Tim Easton Plus Wilco Equals One Heartfelt Album Plus Timony, Malkmus:: 24th Jan., 2001

John Frusciante Goes Solo, Again:: 23rd Jan., 2001

Coldplay To Tour U.S.:: 22nd Jan., 2001

Noise Pop To Feature Grandaddy, Spoon, Mark Eitzel Plus Mr. Lady Comp.:: 22nd Jan., 2001

Red House Painters Return With Album, Tour Plans:: 19th Jan., 2001

Le Tigre Back With Cool EP:: 19th Jan., 2001

GBV's Isolation Drills Due This Spring:: 18th Jan., 2001

R.E.M. Play New Songs In Rio Plus Momus:: 17th Jan., 2001

Super-Duo's 'Magic Magicians' Project Plus Henry Rollins:: 16th Jan., 2001

The Return Of Unwound:: 15th Jan., 2001

Quasi In The Studio Plus Spoon, Boards Of Canada:: 12th Jan., 2001

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